Our prices include servicing, tyres, glass, roadside assistance and 1000 miles per month. There is also no deposit and no delivery fee. Just add fuel and insurance.

There are no hidden extras where you only pay extra if you treat the vehicle poorly, drive badly, fail to insure it properly or drive more miles (at just 10 pence per mile)

Here is a price comparison for our Medium Premium Van against Ford’s current promotion;

Terms 12 Months then Flex 48 Months Locked
Deposit - £7,407
Monthly Price £550 £440
Deposit Spread over Lease - £154
Servicing Included £44
Real Monthly Costs £550 £638
Deposit Required - £7,407
VAT Payable - £7,073
Cash Required Upfront £550 £14,480
Commitment 3-Month Early Exit Charge 48 Payments + Deposit
Committed Amount £1,650 £38,045
Figures are both for Ford L2H2 Trail 2.0L 170Ps This comparison shows a fair like for like comparison. All figures exclude VAT except where indicated Figures taken from on 18/08/21 from Ford Options Promotion

Lower cost, less cash down, and far lower committed amount.