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  • Flexible leases with No Deposit
  • Cheaper in practice with no hidden costs
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Vehicles & Prices

DriveSimple grew out of the frustration of trying to lease and finance vehicles. As industry veterans, friends used to ask for help but every time we tried, it was absurdly complicated, hard and loaded with costly traps.

So we made it this simple.

  • Flexible Leases

    We provide new Ford vehicles on a 12-month minimum term with rolling monthly terms after that. There is a 3-month charge if you cancel within a year.

  • No Deposit & Inclusive

    All servicing, tyres, glass, roadside assistance and 1000 miles per month are included with no deposit. Just add fuel and insurance.

  • No Sneaky Extras

    You only pay extra if you treat the vehicle poorly, drive badly, fail to insure it properly or incur excess mileage fees at 10ppm.

  • More Flex

    Your maximum commitment is always 3 months of your fixed monthly payment. That’s a lot less than 4 years of a ‘great deal’ loaded with extras.

  • Plain & Simple

    We don’t overcomplicate things or try to obscure nasty terms in jargon and small print. You don’t need to know the special handshake to get the best deal and we communicate in Plain English.

  • Superb Vehicles

    We offer a few best-in-class models which hold their value best. Concentrating our buying power keeps prices low and allows us to hold stocks for immediate delivery.

  • Order Online

    Order online in less than 5 mins or book a call for more advice. We’re so confident that we offer £100 Credit and price matching on any like for like offer.

We promise to be better value, easier, faster or give you £200 cash.

Lower cost, less cash down, and far lower committed amount.