Pickup Truck

Ford Ranger WildTrak DC - £850 +VAT per month

The Does Everything – The superb Wildtrak spec gives you all the cool stuff you want in a real beauty with 5 full seats and 4 proper doors for easy everyday use which also beasts hard with 5 cubic metres and 1060kg of can-do capacity, 213 PS of power from a 2 Litre Diesel Engine and four-wheel drive on demand. The multi-talented yet fully commercially rated Ranger is the bestselling UK pickup by some distance! Rear load-space is 1.5m wide by 1.5m deep.

Features & Benefits

  • Brand New
  • Flexible Monthly Leasing (with 12-month initial term)
  • Servicing & Maintenance included
  • 1000 miles per month
  • Zero Deposit
  • Far lower committed amount vs 3 or 4 year lease
  • Simple Monthly VAT
  • Cheaper in practice
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