Large Van

Ford Transit L3H2 - £750 +VAT per month

The Big One – the L3H2 is just another click longer with all the same stuff as its smaller sibling but with 11.5 cubic metres and 1030kg of make-it-easy. These 3 van models sell more than all the rest of the top ten every year. This is also the biggest that most people will ever need –larger models exists but max weight loads don’t increase much so they are a bit niche. Load space is 1.75m wide, 3.49m deep and 1.88m high.

Features & Benefits

  • Brand New
  • Flexible Monthly Leasing (with 12-month initial term)
  • Servicing & Maintenance included
  • 1000 miles per month
  • Zero Deposit
  • Far lower committed amount vs 3 or 4 year lease
  • Simple Monthly VAT
  • Cheaper in practice
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